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Personalised medication with Pharmaceutical compounding

Most pharmaceutical compounds and prescriptions drugs act on the body's hormones and chemical reactions to impart its relieving effects. While these drugs are designed and manufactured in consideration to general statistics of its targeted users, the effectiveness of the treatment may vary from patient to patient. Since every human body is different and the medical condition may differ, the generic treatments may not be effective in every situation and hence need to be customised as per individual needs.

Pharmaceutical compounding is a practice of formulating medications to meet the unique needs of a patient. This includes altering the chemical composition of the commercially available medications and recreating the drug into other administrable forms. Compounded medicines are especially useful in certain situations and offer numerous benefits to the physicians as well as the patients.

  • If a commercially available medication cannot be administered to a patient in its default form, for example as pills or as lotions, a licensed pharmacist can recreate the medication as a syrup or injectable liquid.

  • Over a period, pharmaceuticals discontinue manufacturing certain drugs. Hence, compounding is essentially important for patients still relying on that treatment, as the pharmacist can formulate a similar medication with the basic salts and offer the care the patient deserves.

  • Medicines are formulated with various chemical compounds, and in some situations, a patient might be allergic to certain compounds. Thus, a compounding pharmacy can alter the ingredients or dosage of ingredients without compromising the quality and effect on the treatment.

  • Often doctors are looking to draft a customised treatment plan that is best suited for a patient's medical condition. Compounding complements this by offering personalised formulations to make these treatments effective and safe.

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