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Why is Compounding Needed?

Every human body is different and hence, its reponse to different composition and dosage varies. Commonly the medicines are available in the market in the most popular dosage forms. However, many people have health conditions unique to their bodies that can not be cured by standard doses. This is where the vital role of compounding comes in. Compounding pharmacy include customization of the medicines as per the requirements of the patient thus, giving it a preference over the standard dose medicines that overlooks the specific requirements of an individual.

When Are Compounded Medications Necessary?

Healthcare Compounding Pharmacy in NJ
  • When a commercially available medication becomes unbearable by a patient.

  • When there are side effects of medication.

  • In case of failure of standard treatments and when alternatives are required.

  • In case when standard dosage form is not suitable and it is easier to administer the medication in a different form.

  • When there is unavailability of a medication commercially.

  • When the current flavor or strength of a medication is not optimal for a patient.

  • When there is a need to improve compliance by formulating your medication to extended release.