The Right Medicine At The Right Time

Many hospitalizations are related to errors in medication

  • Filled directly by your pharmacist.

  • Clean, detachable and portable.

  • Color code for the time of the day.

  • Lists name, medications and time.

  • Most major insurance accepted.

A Revolutionary Service From Your Local Friendly Pharmacy

unit dose packaging supplies kendall park


It is often observed that patients and their caregivers find it hard to remember and follow their accurate medication regimens. This leads to increased medication errors which either cause delay in patient's recovery or ends up in no recovery at all. Hence, maintaining an accurate medication regimen is an indispensable part of health recovery process. However, to reduce such medication errors, Unit Dose Packaging system is used to cater to unique medication needs of the patient. In Unit Dose Packaging, the dosage of medicines is packaged with date, time and quantity of the pills to be consumed printed on it.

Unit Dose Packaging aids in dose monitoring and compliance of prescription in the most convenient way possible. This systematic and organized approach to dose monitoring has proved to be a boon especially for busy individuals as it leads to the prevention of missed doses during the course of therapy.

The Benefits of Unit Dose Packaging

unit dose packaging supplies kendall park

Amongst many, some of the Unit Dose Packaging benefits are mentioned below:

  • ASSURITY: It enables the patient to have correct medication at appropriate time. It prevents double dosing or missed doses.

  • PROFESSIONAL MONITORING: The prescriptions will be filled by the pharmacy staff itself. In case you forget to pick up your medication, you will be called by our staff or the prescriptions can be delivered to your place as well.

  • CONVENIENCE: You can continue with your therapy without any fuss about organizing your medication. Just sit back and relax and let Unit Dose Packaging system take care of your complete medication regimen.

Unit Dose Packaging is the most prudent way to undergo any therapy and follow any medication regimen without giving your dosage amiss. You can contact us for further queries on how you can receive your medication using unit dose packaging system. Our experienced and dedicated staff will assist you at each step of your therapy.